Mega Metal 2018

With the help of cutting edge CNC controlled plasma cutting machine up to 30 millimeters thick, the company manufactures metal items such as: urban equipment (benches, waste bins, lamps, etc.), household items (baskets, shelves , lamps, decorations, etc.), construction equipment (holders, shackles, supports, fences etc.), urban advertising equipment, as well as works by order from interested companies. Megalelat 2018 is a school company that enables: one place to get to know and use contemporary tools and technologies for designing and manufacturing • most of the time foreseen for practical work for students to pass on to their school • teachers to gain experience that means work in which to produce something that has something for someone, that is, how the market behaves what they speak in the classrooms • to make all existing facilities in the school (workshops, cabinets, etc.) in a whole in which students will at the same time learn and use ordinary hand tools, but also the most modern computer , software and equipment that uses plasma • production of unique items, both according to design and material • production in relatively large series with outstanding precision and equality of all products Megametal 2018 is a result of the year-long hard work of several professors, students , the school’s leadership and partner company. Today, we at school have a company with its own management bodies, appropriate acts, and most importantly machines and other equipment with which we can produce, educate and be innovative. Our next goal is to integrate other professions that are being taught in our school and to make OSTU “Gostivar” a leader in vocational education, but also an active participant in the market and a link that will connect companies and users from the region and wider .


Every Monday after school classes our students have activities in the English club. The students are of mixed nationalities, Macedonian, Abanian and Turkish and all the activities are in English. The activities and the discussions in this club are on the following themes: Food, Family, Environment, Discrimination, Self-Esteem, Culture. At the same time they have fun by playing  interesting games, through which they improve their English.